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SMTP Mail Sender

SMTP Mail Sender is a simple application that allows you to quickly send email messages through an SMTP server of your choice without the need to install a full featured email application. The program supports message attachments and SSL for secur... [Read more]

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CodeTwo Attach Unblocker

CodeTwo Attach Unblocker allows fast and convenient configuration of Microsoft Outlook to unblock attachments blocked by Outlook by default (for example, .exe, .url, .reg files). The program is setup directly in Microsoft Outlook, which ensures qu... [Read more]

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Important Mail Alert for Outlook

Important Mail Alert is an Outlook 2010 add-in that allows you to create simple keyword rules that will trigger a desktop alert when mail arrives that matches one of your rules. Although you could configure something similar by using the standard ... [Read more]

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Personal Folders Backup

Backing up your Microsoft Outlook information is quicker and easier with the Personal Folders Backup feature. Personal Folders Backup creates backup copies of your .PST files at regular intervals, in Outlook 2000 and later versions, making it easy... [Read more]

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WiseStamp enables you to create dynamic email signatures that display your recently published content from your personal social networking accounts (Twitter, StumbleUpon, Delicious etc.) as well as online music services (Pandora,, [Read more]

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