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Hddb File Search by zzl

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fast file search tool

Hddb File Search is an instant file search tool that makes it easy to locate any file on your computer within seconds by simply typing in the file name (or part of it). Before you can start searching, Hddb will create an index of all file names on your computer, which will usually take less than a minute, depending on the amount of files to index.

Once the index is created, you're ready for almost instant search results by simply typing a part of the file or folder name you're looking for - wildcard searches are also supported.

Hddb File Search was inspired by the popular search tool and works in a very similar manner.

Unlike Everything, Hddb relies on manual database updates, offers faster column sorting and does not trigger a UAC prompt. Hddb also lacks the built-in web server for remote search and some other advanced features, but if local file search is your main concern, Hddb offers a viable alternative with a more modern interface and equally fast results.

Product Details

Publisher zzl O/S XP/Vista/7/8
Price Free Requirements none
File Size
1212 Kb
Last updated
Dec 01, 2014

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