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CintaNotes by Cinta Software

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portable notes manager

CintaNotes is a portable notes keeping app that provides a convenient way to quickly store pieces of information that are collected from other documents or websites. All you have to do is select the text to be stored and then press the CTRL+F12 keys on your keyboard to create a note, or you can copy/paste the text into the application and append it to the list of previous notes. If you copied the text from a website, CintaNotes will automatically save the URL of the page along with your note. You can optionally assign a title and keyword tags that can be used to locate and identify notes at a later time.

An instant search feature quickly locates keywords within notes as you type them.

Other features include merging of notes, import/export, integrated backup and support for clickable Internet links.

Product Details

Publisher Cinta Software O/S XP/Vista/7/8  Portable
Price Free (paid upgrade available) Requirements none
File Size
6868 Kb
Last updated
Nov 11, 2014

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