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Fractal Zoomer by Chris Kalonakis

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create fractal images

Fractal Zoomer can be used to create fractal imagery from more than 100 built-in fractal functions. You can use custom or randomized color schemes, chose plane transformations and apply several image filters to create unique fractal designs.

The initial fractal is generated from the mathematical function you choose (Mandelbrot and many others) and does not look overly impressive at first. However, once you start playing with the color schemes and zoom deeper into the fractal areas, you will open completely new dimensions with truly unique fractal compositions.

Much of the options are based on mathematical formulas, so, unless you're familiar with them, you'll just have to start trying different options to see what comes out. We wished there was a button to randomize the fractal design (as it can be done with color schemes), as this would make it a lot faster to experience with new designs.

Once you have found a fractal image you like, you can save it as a project (.dat) file or export it as bitmap file.

Check our our screenshots for a small gallery of fractals we created during the review.

Product Details

Publisher Chris Kalonakis O/S XP/Vista/7/8
Price Free Requirements Java
File Size
2922 Kb
Last updated
Nov 04, 2014

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